Total Swimmingpool Solutions

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Total Swimming Pool Solutions

Swimming Pool Equipment

Our swimming pool Brands, equipments from Spain & China. The suppliers are the largest exporters for the Western & Eastern countries for your information. They are in this manufacturing business over 15 years & the range that they have is matchless.

In Sri Lanka these names are very popular & few more companies also have trade these Brands. Therefore this Brand presence in the market is very healthy & it is much easy to recognize. Our objective is also to promote those brands by offering the best service, price & the after sales service.Our technical staff is well trained to do the allocated job & we will offer the guarantee for any job which is coming in our way.

“Less business with more confident & long term relationship” is our theme

Swimming Pool Accessories

Swimming pool construction accessories are very important item to select. Purely because if you happened to replace you will incurred lot of cost. Then not only economically but opportunity that you are losing is more. Therefore when you select those items select with the best brand, correct size according to the professionals advice.

Our staff will guide you for that matter & we will offer only what you require & they will not offer you what we have.

Swimming pool In lets ,Vacuum Points , Main Drains Covers , Lights , Vacuum Hose , Vacuum Heads , Brush Nets Test Kits & Brushers are few of those items coming under the accessories .

We have those items in 02 Brands for your easy selection.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

1. Chlorine 70% 45 kg Granular white color Plastic Drum – India or China mainly.

2. TCCA – 90% 50kg Granular White color Plastic Drum – Mainly from China

3. Hydrochloric Acid 32 % - 35% - 40kg Black Plastic Drum – India ,Pakistan

4. Sulphiuric Acid 98% - 40 kg Plastic Drum India

5. Aluminum Sulphate – Alum Bags – 25 kg white color powder

6. Sodium Carbonate – Sodash 50kg Bags White color powder

7. Pool Algae Side Chemicals – 5 lit can Blue color liquid

8. 5% Liquid Chlorine - 32 Lit cans White color

9. 10% Liquid Chlorine – 32 lit White color

10. 35% Bleaching powder – GI Drum – India