Total Swimmingpool Solutions

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About Total Swimmingpool Solutions Training Programme

Our vision is to have knowledgeable swimming pool staff who can have ,

1. Hygienically

2. Safety

3. Attractive

4. Trouble free

5. Economical Swimming Pool

About The Trainer

Well over 10 years experience in the swimming pool water treatment industry simultaneously imports Distribution Supply & Installation Construction maintenance etc. To have perfect swimming & swimming pool you need to balance chemicals parameters , need to have proper equipments & accessories along with a dedicated pool attendant. Most importantly balancing the ph level Maintain the correct Chlorine content , Alkalinity, TDS Hardness levels is important.How to use all the related test instruments & how to treat the feeding water is also very crucial when it’s come to total swimming pool water treatments.To have the above knowledge training is very successful event.Therefore decide on a training of your own staff for the hassle free swimming pool.

Training Programme Content

1. Swimming pool water management staff training for Swimming pool attendants/ Managers Hose Keeping Departments etc.

2. Training session will be around 2- 3 hours

3. Minimum Staff is about 8 including departments heads.

4. In house training on the theory

5. Outdoor training near the swimming pool for practice.

6. Cross checking the leanings with questions .

7. Evaluation 3 times every month up to first three month.

8. Charges will be informed on the request after formal dissections.

9. Guide lines & instruction the other related area in the swimming pool

10. Trouble shooting

How Training Programme conduct ?

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