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About Ayushma Hydro Theraphy System

The Ayushma hydro spa can be constructed by wood or fibreglass.

It consists of 1 one pressure pump which delivers compressed air to 22 adjustable jets strategically placed to stimulate the body’s vital points. The unit is capable of being connected to a solar hot water system or be used with special ayurvedic concoctions such as kasaya for specific ailments and requirements.

Product Usage

The Spa is generally used after a professional ayurvedic medical consultation followed by a massage session.

The patient is fully immersed in the water with the face above the surface. The treatment can begin with a low pressure setting and then gradually increased to suit individual requirements and comfort levels.


The Ayushma Hydro Therapy System stimulates the entire body and efficiently balances the body’s natural energy.

Therefore it is ideal for the following ailments and conditions :

1. Stress

2. Arthritis

3. High Blood Pressure

4. Sinus

5. Sciatica

6. Neck and Shoulder Pain

7. Spondylosis

8. Frozen Shoulder

9. Tennis

10. Elbow

11. Backache and more

Who can benefit?

The Ayushma Hydro Therapy System is ideal for homes, hotels, spas, sports medicine centres, hospitals, physiotherapy centres and alternate medicine facilities etc...

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